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Terms Of Use. Jvbazar.com is an open public website for all those who wishes to post any kind of business or personal advertisements for free. Jvbazar.com is a good platform for all those who wants to start small online business, they just simply have to post their add and that is it, their add will be online and will show all over Afghanistan, Posting in Jvbazar.com You agree that all postings and ads including messages, images and links, submitted through, or linked from the Jvbazar.com service, are the sole responsibility of the individual or company from whom such content originated. Jvbazar.com is not responsible for the content of your postings and/or the transaction which takes place between (Buyer and Seller). Jvbazar.com shall have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse or delete any content that is made available via its service. And it is worth mentioning that all the postings must be in accordance with the rules of Islamic law and the constitution of Afghanistan. Jvbazar.com is introducing the Most easiest way of Buying/Selling any item any thing through your mobile,tablet,laptop or dektop. Make Your life Easy With www.Jvbazar.com, Are you bored of anything or fade up of using your old gadgets,laptops,computer,mobile, car,electronics,couches,chairs,tables or anyother items in your house,shop,office,school,college, Just no need to throw it maybe someone else might needed and willing to pay you for it. Just Hurry Up and Do Not forget the Easiet Way and Also the free way upload it in www.jvbazar.com follow some easy steps as follow. Some easy steps to follow 1.Create your account for free with us to keep you save and also you can make the changes in our add any time you want. P.S if you don't want to make an account still you can add the post but you will not be able to make any changes after submitting. 2. After creating account click on POST A FREE ADD 3. Then Fill The Easy Form Give All The Details Of Your Item 4. Add Your Details 5. Add The Picture Of The Item 6. Submit The Most Easiest Way Of Selling Your Item All Over Afghanistan For Free. Our Aim Is Customer Satisfaction And To Help Our People Connect Easily and get or give what ever is needed without any trouble or hesitation. Regards Jvbazar.com

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